Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well, hello all you wonderful grandchildren! It’s me again, Zelda the Zebra. 

I have someone very special I want you to meet. He’s very small, very cute and Grandpa and Gema love him so much. One day he will be big and strong and guard everyone living at grandpa’s house but today he’s still just a baby. His name is Kuja. That means ‘come’ in Kiswahili. Kuja is a 10 week old German Shepherd. He really wants to talk with you ….so without any further to do, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s … Kuja!

Kuja! Kuja! Wake up Kuja!

Oh! Oh! Hello, everyone! My name is Kuja and I am a very small little dog. One day I will grow up and be a mighty guard dog, protecting everyone from the bad guys.

But not today. Today I would rather play outside...

 Lay in the grass and chew on peoples fingers.

 Fingers are like bad guys and I can chew them up!

My favorite thing is to hide in the grass. Can you see me? 

No I mean can you really see me?

This is my teacher Suzie. She teaches me everything. She taught me everything I know. 

She made a bed for me. She taught me to go out of the house before I use the bathroom. 

Sometimes I don't make it.

 I have lots of friends … here's two of them. Nikki and Zach. Zach likes holding me …. I think I’m his favorite puppy.

I wish you could be here with me.

Well, Grandpa and Gema wants me to come with them … so for now Kwaheri! (Good bye.)