Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Celebrations, Chased by a Rhino, and Sad Goodbyes.

Hello! All of you wonderful children. This is Zelda the Zebra and I have some great stories for you! First of all Grandpa and Grandma send their love and tell you all that they miss you all so much. They can’t wait to see you again.

I was told by my friend Gabby the Goat who lives in Nakuru, that Grandpa and Grandma found a new place to meet with all their friends in the church. He says the new place is better than the old one and everyone is so happy.

It’s never too hot or too cold in Nakuru to meet outside, so every time they want to get together they meet in this nice tent.  

The first Sunday they arrived at the new place, they put up their tent and everyone celebrated by dancing, waving balloons, ribbon rings and singing to God for giving them this nice piece of land to meet on. Everyone was so excited and so very grateful.

Last week Papa Tabach decided that before he came home he would go and see some of my friends in Lake Nakuru Park; that's right where I live. The first of my friends he saw was the silly baboons who always like to play in the road. Next he saw a big family of water buffaloes. He stopped to say hi, but they were afraid and started to run away.

Next he saw my family and friends drinking at our favorite drinking pond.

He got to see some giraffe’s real close up and he even was chased by a big Black Rhino called “Brutus” that lives in the park close to my home. Papa Tabach has a video of Brutus coming after them. Ask him to show you.

But the most wonderful thing that happened was when they got to see Simba our King! Not many people get to see our King because he does not like to be seen by humans.

Papa Tabach and George even got to see some of his queens resting in the grass. George and papa Tabach got out of the van and stood by the doors to take some pictures but when the king and queen looked at them, George and papa Tabach quickly got back in the van. They didn’t want to become the King’s dinner!

After papa Tabach came back to George’s house he and Chloe had to get ready to come back home. After they packed their suitcases and said goodbye, George drove them to the Airport in Nairobi and they got on a big plane to fly all the way home to Tennessee.

 We were sad to see them go, but we know they missed all their family and friends so we’re are glad they are finally home. Have you seen either of them walking around the Village?  Tell them Zelda said hi.

Well, I got to go. Gabby says that more of Grandpa’s friends from the Village are coming tomorrow. I don’t know how Gabby knows all these things. I think he sneaks around humans houses and listens through the doors to what they are talking about.

Grandpa and Grandma say hello and for not to forget to pray for them. They are halfway through their visit to Africa and before you know it they will be home giving out golf cart rides. They said to tell you they love and miss you tons. Me and tweeter will write you again.

Bye from Africa,
Zelda and Tweeter. Oh! Zenia says Hi too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tweeter's Safari

Hi kids! This is Tweeter.
I’ve got a story for you all about the newest adventures of Paw and Gema. We all went on a Safari – that’s an adventurous journey  - to the lakes and islands of Kenya. Early in the morning the rooster was crowing so we all got up to prepare for our journey. Gema made some egg sandwiches for everyone and Beatie made the tea. They ate quickly, loaded up the van, and headed for the country. They found lakes with– crockadiles, lizards,fish, and  lot’s and lot’s of birds –  I loved that part.

We found a man with a boat and asked him for a ride. He said, “Sure! Tweeter, you can come but no Zebras. The boat will sink.”  We all hopped in for a ride and waved to Zelda and Zenia. They didn’t mind waiting.
We saw so many different kinds of birds. One called a king fisher was eating his lunch. He caught a fish in the lake and found a good spot on a limb for a picnic. See the fish in his mouth? Glad I'm not a fish.

We saw hippopotamuses. A whole big family of them and we got soooo close! Wow they are really big in the water. They were sleepy so they didn’t bother us. They did start making a loud grunting noise so we would go away and leave them alone. I told them not to worry. Paw and Gema just wanted to take their pictures for their grandkids. The little one popped his head up out of the water and said, "Hey! Take my picture for the grandkids”.

We saw a crockadile. He looked hungry so we fed him a fish that the fishermen gave us so he wouldn’t eat us.

We went across the lake and found an island. We stopped on the shore and got out. It was so beautiful! There were small trees with pretty pink flowers called the Desert Rose.

Then we saw a monitor lizard hiding in the rocks. Before he scurried off he said, "Tell Blue 'Jambo!'.

Then Paw found a nest of millipedes under a rock. Sometimes when the natives get hungry they eat the millipedes. Paw said, “I’m hungry.” Gema said, “Not me!”

We walked around for a while and then got back into the boat for our ride back to Zelda and Zenia. It was a lot of fun but we were getting really hungry.

George was pretty tired from driving so he took a little nap in the boat. When he woke up he said, "I'm hungry". So we went to a restaurant for lunch. Then he said, "Hey, there’s another lake we can go to where the water is so hot it bubbles and boils.

We all said, "Let's go!"

We saw lots of flamingos and collected feathers. See the long, skinny, pink legs? They look so funny.

The water is so hot we saw a man boiling potatoes in the water. He gave us one but we were so full we couldn’t eat it.

We all had a really fun time but Paw and Gema missed you and wished you could be there too. They love you so much!

See ya later alligator, after while crokadile.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Marley the Monkey

                                        Marley’s Family Fun
Hi Blue, Ethny, Luna, Brina, Cedar, Leandra, Cadence, Kaitlyn, Sara Shea, Kayla and of course Rylynn. It’s me again, Zelda the Zebra. Me and Tweeter bring you greetings from your Grandparents who miss you so much. They would like us to introduce you to some of their Kenyan friends.

Actually they are a whole family of friends ….monkey friends! Tweeter asked one of the monkey boys to climb down the tree and tell you about his family and guess what? He said he would love to. So let me introduce my friend Marley who will introduce you to the rest of his family.

Hi, my name is Marley the monkey that's me below on the left. I want to tell you a little about my family.
 First there’s my Dad that's him below on the right. He takes care of the whole family but sometimes he gets little grumpy. Below him is my mom . Isn’t she beautiful? 

Then there are my big brothers and sisters. Below them and to the left are the twins and to their right of  them is ....last but not least is my baby brother Moley.

Moley is always hungry and always trying to get some lunch from mom but sometimes she tells him to knock it off. If he cries too much she gives him a ride on her back. Does Rylyn ever get a ride when she cries?

We live in the trees. We have great long tails that help us jump, climb and hold on. I bet we can climb a tree faster than you Blue. If you had a tail like mine Ethny I think you wouldn’t have broken your wrist. But I’m sure you all walk better than me.

 Does Leandra, Sara, Kayla, Kaitlyn ever go to the Zoo? Sometimes we get to go.  Actually the Zoo comes to us! Here comes a big blue Zoo right now. Look at all the funny animals in their cages at the Zoo. If we smile at the animals they throw us fun things to eat. If no one is looking I climb up on the Zoo where I’m not supposed to be. It’s fun looking in at them. I wonder if Cedar or Cadence ever do anything like that?

Sometimes we share Zoo food. If there’s not enough we eat leaves and bugs. Taste pretty good too. Do you think Luna might want to try some?

We must be very pretty monkeys cause sometimes the animals get out of their cages and take our pictures. They try real hard to get us to look but we look away. That always makes me laugh a lot.

Sometimes we play king of the pole. You sit on a pole and try and not let anyone pull you off. Then we jump from pole to pole and walk on the fence wire to another pole. Sometimes the pole is too small …ouch!

Our most favorite thing is to play in the trees. We jump from tree to tree and chase one another till we so tired we take a nap. Did you take your nap today?

Well from Zelda, Tweeter, Zenia, Marley, Morley and the gang we love you, but not as much as your Paw and Gema do. So throw them a kiss and don’t forget to pray for them. All our love here in Kenya to all you wonderful Grandchildren back home. See you next time.