Monday, April 29, 2013

Someone New!

Jambo! (hello) all you wonderful children! This is Zelda the zebra again. I’ve missed all of you sooooo much. I wanted to show you a picture grandpa took of where I live.

This is a picture taken from the side of the volcanic crater called Menengai just two blocks away from where grandpa and gema live.  I live on the right side of that beautiful lake called Lake Nakuru. It is in the center of Lake Nakuru National Park. I live with lions, water buffaloes, cheetahs, monkeys, giraffes and lots of other animals. But that’s not why I’m writing you.

We’ve got some wonderful news. There is something new in grandpa’s compound!

He’s a small grey animal that snoops around everywhere, getting into everything… and most especially… trouble.


He’s climbing on the windows,

He’s crawling in the clothes drawer,

And he’s playing in the kitchen pots.

We call him Paka because… well… that’s what he is. The Kiswahili word for cat is… Paka!

 Paka, the baby kitten, is the newest addition to StoneHouse Ministry International. When he grows up he will serve the very important ministry of keeping the house free of rats. But of course, right now he’s the same size as the rats so he will have to get a little bigger before he can start his job. 

Meanwhile, he is getting to know everyone in the family and discovering his way around the compound… and especially grandpa’s desk.

He’s trying to learn to use the computer but he’s not very good at it, but don’t tell him.  

When grandpa tried to tell him to stay off his computer Paka almost cried.

Everyone wants to meet our newest member to the family.

Especially Kuja … who’s not really sure what to think.

When Kuja first saw Paka it was not love at first sight.

In fact Kuja and Paka have had many heated discussions through the windows.

Kuja cannot figure out how to get Paka to play. He and Paka have staring contest all the time. One day someone left the door open and Kuja came in the house and chased Paka up the window guard… Paka was not happy at all.

But now Paka likes to use the window guard as his own personal jungle gym.

In the daytime Paka is always watching the birds in the yard. Like these lovebirds in the trees of our front yard.

Or the chickens in the backyard.

Sometimes at night Paka stays in the window and watches the huge termites swarm around the outside light.
But that’s because he prefers to sleep in the day and play at night.
That’s also why he is not allowed to spend the night in grandpa’s room anymore.

Well I got to go… cause some of those lions here in Lake Nakuru are coming just a little bit too close
..... but stay tuned for more adventures of Kuja and Paka because somehow… I just know …they are bound to have some!