Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kuja's Trouble

Hi, all you wonderful grand children! This is Zelda the Zebra and I have a very sad story with a very happy ending for you. It’s about Kuja the puppy. If you don’t know who Kuja is just click here and you can learn all about him. Kuja is a German Shepherd puppy that belongs to grandpa and grandma and is living with all of us here in Africa.
We were all so worried when Kuja stopped eating, drinking and began to look so weak. He was so tired he couldn’t even stand up. He was sick to his stomach everyday for a week.

Kuja’s best friend and doggie trainer Suzie was the first to say …. “Oh no! I think poor Kuja has Parvo!”  That’s short for Parvovirus. Most puppies don't recover when the get Parvo. 

So we put poor little Kuja in a box and rushed him to a puppy doctor in town. A puppy doctor is called a Veterinarian. This doctor did not know what to think so he just gave Kuja some shots and sent him back home, but Kuja just keep getting worse. All we could do is pray to our Father in heaven to save little Kuja’s life.

Finally when we had almost given up hope one of Grandma’s missionary friends said she knew a very old and wise Veterinarian. His name was Dr. Cran. So we put poor little Kuja in another box and took him that very day to the doctor.

Dr. Cran knew right away what to do. So he took little Kuja and worked on him for 3 days. 

After each days treatment Dr. Cran would drive Kuja back home to sleep in his own bed and each morning we would bring him back to Dr Cran’s animal hospital for more treatment. For all his hard work he only charged us forty dollars. That's not much. Dr. Cran is such a nice man and he really loves animals. 

When Kuja woke up the fourth morning grandpa opened the garage door and Kuja ran up to grandpa and began wagging his tail and jumping up and down. Everyone was so happy. Kuja had recovered!
Kuja was still very weak for another three or four days, but now he’s doing just fine. All of us here (including Kuja) are still praising the Lord, thanking Him for hearing our prayers and helping little Kuja recover.

Today Lewis gave Kuja a bath and he smells so much better. 

This is Kuja 2 months ago.

This is Kuja today!

Grandpa and grandma are so happy to have their little Kuja feeling better and getting bigger and stronger.  He’s pretty happy about that too!

Good bye and lots of love …. Zelda.