Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slugs, bugs and getting Big!

Habari Yako (how are you)… all you wonderful children? This is Zelda the Zebra again… bringing you the latest news from Grandpa’s compound in Nakuru, Kenya!

Well as you might have guessed Kuja and Paka are becoming good friends. Paka still likes to get into everything but mostly likes to play hide and go seek with Kuja.

Although Paka, being so little, gets tired really fast. So he loves to take cat-naps on the bed throughout the day.

Kuja tries to wait for Paka to wake up but he wants to play.

So… he tries to wake Paka up!

But Paka does not want to wake up.

Finally Kuja begs Paka to come out and play.

When Paka says no … Kuja bites Paka’s head!

Then Paka runs and to tell grandpa!

Grandpa says that Kuja didn’t mean to bite Paka’s head but doesn’t know he’s so big. Grandpa can hardly lift Kuja now.

Then he tells Paka that Kuja wasn’t always so big.

That Kuja used to be Paka’s size, but he’s growing into a big watchdog and doesn’t know his own strength.

Then Grandpa calls Kuja and tells him to go and apologize to Paka. So Kuja finds Paka and says …. He’ sorry for biting Paka’s head.

So then both Kuja and Paka run outside to play. The first thing Kuja did was to try and follow Mr. Starling fly up in the tree.

But Mr. Starling was not impressed.

Paka found a hole grandpa was digging in the garden and climbed inside to watch a turtle cross the yard.

Then Paka found a grey slug and a white slug crawling around the plants.

And many pretty bugs in the flowers…

Even a tiny green fly on Grandpa’s hand.

Well that’s about it for today… Don’t forget to pray for Grandpa, Grandma , Kuja and Paka.  Siku mjema! (Have a nice day)















  1. So So Adorable!!! Love the story and Love the photos! The photos are very professional!!

    Thank You for Sharing them!!

  2. Very cool pics!! Love the cat and the progression of Kuja growing up!